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Visited frequently by the travelers all over the world, especially by the devotees of lord Krishna, the town of dwarka, situated in Guajarati was known as ‘dwarkapuri’ in the ancient times. A myth prevails that dwarka temple was glazed all over with gold during the reign of lord Krishna. But the town got itself immersed into the water the moment next to the death of lord Krishna. An old limestone structure built up using the load bearing techniques yet surprisingly has got itself erected to huge 5 storey standing online beautifully carved out 72 pillars. The untold and unrevealed mysteries of behind the evolution and submergence of the temple along with the articulated temple structure has always made its visitor think over and believe on to the sheer existence of the almighty and its spiritual yet magical dominance over the world. The temple has major two gateways, i.e. ‘moksha dwara’ and ‘swarga dwara’.

The celebration of janmashtami that is organized here is unparalleled and of its kind. Dwarka hotels remain occupied during such rush of visitors observed during the festival period, most prominently during janmashtami and shivratri. Dwarka tourism, along with its special attention expensed by it over the hotels and various sightseeing spots, the boost to such celebrations held every year through the ‘chappan bhog’ dedicated to lord in the temple which gets distributed amongst the pilgrims later as sacrament, has kept pulling tourists till date from every corner of the world. Hotels in dwarka are situated nearby dwarka temple, bus and railway stations as well that brings to a great relief to all the visitors. These hotels provide spacious rooms along with an attached bathroom that has hot and cold water running continuously for 24 hours, strict security inside and outside the premises, etc. dwarka hotels has a well appointed staff that is extremely generous and co-operative to its visitors showing the instant readiness to serve its visitors with satisfaction.

Hotels in dwarka are extremely modern unlike other tourist destinations where the visitors can entertain themselves with the air conditioned wide rooms well affixed with led TV units and other required exquisite furniture like king-size double bed, sofa, table, etc. dwarka hotels has beautiful wide corridors that would lead its visitors to extremely green lawn where morning and evening walks are the matter of pleasure during the travel. The most popular places to visit in dwarka are dwarka light house, Gomati sangam ghat that can be approached straightaway from the ‘swarga dwara’, nageshwara jyotirlinga temple- popular for the grand idol of lord Shiva, rukmaneedevi temple, beyt dwarka an island 30 kms away from the town followed by commercial streets that remains chirping with the visitors, also a popular picnic spot amongst the visitors that also used to be the residence of lord Krishna and his family where the temple was built up by vallabhacharya.

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